Wednesday, June 13, 2001



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face="Arial">yesterday tim mcveigh was executed in
indiana for the oklahoma bombing. and i sat and watched
tv feeling almost physically sick that this man was about
to be killed.

i know he killed several people and caused pain to their
families and relatives, but it was clearly not a
'thoughtless' killing as so many have described it. tim
mcveigh had reasons for bombing that building that he
believed were important enough to warrant such drastic
actions. and his bravery during his execution
demonstrated that he had the courage of his convictions.
i think by killing tim mcveigh in such a way, we are not
only discrediting him but also the families of the
victims are discrediting themselves. if people recognised
the reasons behind such awful events perhaps there would
be some answer or some reconciliation...or some way to
prevent them reoccurring. but by executing this man the
USA has eliminated all evidence of his motives and all
intelligent explaination of the reasons behin this event.

* * *